It's been a Hard Road...

Hard Road Brewing is the lovechild

of two of South East Melbourne's craft beer superstars, Brad Merritt and Lein Jenkins, and opened in November of 2019.

You may know Brad Merritt as the founder of the now retired Oscars Alehouse. Brad and his wife Gypsy currently run Yellingbo Hops which was started in 2016 and produced Two Buttloads Pale Ale. The majority of the hops grown at Yellingbo Hops are used in Hard Road Beers, brewed onsite. The whole cone hops are hand picked, chemical free, organic fertilised, low temperature dried. It doesn't get much better than this.

Lein Jenkins and his wife Ange have been involved in the craft beer industry in California (USA) and Australia since 2008. Ange and Lein are the duo that created the now retired Caltoria Brewing Company which has been producing beers from this same Bayswater brewery since May 2017. Caltoria produced some crankin’ beers including Belgian Pale Ale, Citrus Wheat, Fest Bier Lager, Oaked Chestnut Brown Ale, Breakfast IPA and West Coast IPA. 1 Country, a dog, 2 kids, and now a brewery. Nothing is stopping these two!

Both Brad and Lein welcome you to Hard Road Brewery, 31 Holloway Drive in Bayswater. The brewery is a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere, with over 20 craft beers on tap. Hard Road boasts knowledgeable staff, fantastic selection, and a beautiful venue where you can see exactly where your Hard Road craft brew came from. Beer enthusiasts (and their family alike!) will enjoy the spacious venue, great atmosphere and the regular food trucks that roll in.

Get yourself into Hard Road!